Wealth Management

We help clients invest in their future. Like them, you can benefit from:

A customized portfolio built solely around a thorough analysis of your investment objectives and life goals; as independent financial advisors, we have no parent company or product pressures driving our recommendations, so we’re free to answer only to you

The confidence in knowing that your portfolio is managed by a seasoned team that combines comprehensive independent research and extensive knowledge of the industry

Constant monitoring of your portfolio to ensure that, as the market changes, we make adjustments to keep you heading in the right direction

Regular meetings with you, so we’re aware of shifting priorities, unexpected expenses, and other changes and can modify your portfolio accordingly

Whether you’re focused on the short or long term, saving for college, or planning for retirement, let us help you build a portfolio that’s nothing less than an investment in your future.


Building wealth isn’t about cutting expenses to save money, and saving money isn’t the sole ingredient in building wealth. Our clients get more from the money they earn!

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As stewards of our clients’ wealth, we’re committed to always employing prudent investment management strategies that draw on a wide range of traditional and alternative investments. We leverage lower-cost, tax-efficient passive investment strategies whenever markets are functioning efficiently, amplified by active management strategies to take advantage of inefficient markets.


Tax planning is the key to valuable tax savings, and we want to help you plan for greater income by implementing tax savings strategies throughout the year that will benefit you long term.

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You earned it, you deserve to keep it. Protect your wealth— The less tax you pay, the more you have to invest, which will allow your overall wealth to grow. Tax implications must be considered in every financial situation. Through careful planning and sophisticated tax strategies, Cypress Wealth Management’s goal is to help save you a significant amount of money throughout your life.


Creating a legacy that lasts—You’ve worked hard to establish a legacy you can be proud of, one that your family can continue to build upon for years to come. A comprehensive estate plan is an important consideration of your financial future. Estate planning can sometimes seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

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Typically, those leaving an inheritance want to make sure their heirs use the funds responsibly. It’s possible to manage leaving assets to your loved ones without a bunch of fuss. Our advisors offer financial guidance that makes sense for you and your family.


Retirement is about defining and quantifying the lifestyle that will provide you with happiness and fulfillment, and then aligning income sources and assets against each of those specific goals.

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It’s important to understand all of your options before deciding on the most efficient strategy for your retirement. Our team of professionals works to be conscious of your goals and income needs so more of your portfolio can be freed up to help generate income to pursue your passions and interests.